The average person sleeps for a third of their life!  That means, if you are 45 years old, you will have spent 15 years in bed!

It's so important to sleep well and many of us don't, we can't promise that buying a bed from us will guarantee you eight hours of sound sleep a night but we can ensure that it isn't your mattress that contributes to a night of restlessness.  

It can be a little intimidating trying out beds in a shop and we are keen to assist you but also aware that you might appreciate some time having a lay down and getting comfortable without us for a while.  If we hear you snoring, we'll give you a gentle nudge when we close the shop! 

We keep a small selection of mattresses and beds in stock but generally for something that we order in for you, our local bed manufacturers deliver weekly to us so you wouldn't be waiting long.

We offer FREE local delivery and FREE disposal of old on a like for like basis.

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